You are the owner of a furnished fitter or apartment,

You already rent or want to rent in the future.

Are you missing the tenants or the time for the settlement?

Then we have the right solution!!!

In our service we offer you the appropriate Internet presence on our portal.

We take over the complete telephone and e-mail correspondence with the tenants, as well as the booking procedures.

Registration and advertising via is For you Free. Only if a successful booking has been confirmed will we charge a commission.

That's all. A performance-related remuneration, No Inseratgebühren, no hidden costs for you. If no booking is made, we do not charge anything!!!

You can only win.

If you are interested in our service, please contact us.

And this is how it works:

  1. Non-binding registration
    No matter if you are a private landlord or agency. Via our form you can register for free and your personal access will be activated after review by us.
  2. Describe object
    Log in to the landlord area and describe your holiday accommodation. They formulate the texts, upload the pictures, set the prices and maintain the occupancy calendar. In consultation with you, we optimize the presentation of the object with a view to a smooth booking process. If you do not manage, we will gladly take over the design of your advertisement
  3. Advertising begins
    From now on, your holiday accommodation will be published on the platform "" advertised. From now on you will receive binding booking requests from Stötzer Stadel GbR, which you only need to confirm.

It's as simple as that:
  • As mediator regulate we take care of the complete booking process For you: We do the communication with the holiday guests and take care of many formalities, also the payment processing. This allows the customer to choose between credit cards and other convenient payment methods. You as a landlord receive the net rental price from the Stötzer Stadel GBR on time to your bank account and need to step back into action to hand your guest the keys.
  • Registration and advertising via Stötzer Stadel GbR is For you Free. Only in the case of a successful booking confirmed by you do we charge a commission. This amounts to 10% (plus VAT, if applicable) of the rental price, including obligatory ancillary costs, and is retained from the deposit. This is all. A success-dependent remuneration, No Inseratgebühren, no hidden costs for you.
  • You keep the Full Control about the occupancy of your holiday property. Alone You decideWhen renting and at what price. You are expressly free to rent the property by other means than via the Stötzer Stadel GBR.

Your benefits

  • no cost. Referral Commission only on successful booking.
  • Simple and logical operation
  • Personal support by the Stötzer Stadel GBR
  • Own occupancy calendar
  • Good findability on Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.
  • Massive search engine advertising - Google, Bing and others
  • Detailed description of your accommodation: many pictures, features and Google Maps
  • Additional occupancy in the main and low season by customers from all over Europe and beyond.
  • Newsletters, flyers, stickers and much more.
  • On request, your entry will be created by our graphic and design department.

If you are interested, please send us a message:

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